Developing Children Literacy (Semantic Scholar)

271 – Introducing literacy is a part of the children language learning. This activity can be done in various ways, including through the rainbow text “Teks Pelangi” and rainbow card “Kartu Pelangi”. The introduction of text-based literacy and colors are done in ways that fit their needs, through play and non-formal way. “Teks Pelangi” made with regard to component form, color, composition, and genre, and is made on the level of shape-color, shape-noncolor, and shape-stirring. The level is made in accordance with the children’s literacy development. Based on the genre, rainbow text is in form of descriptions and simple explanations. The text uses few action words and explores the characters or a specific entity. The content of the text is value-dimensional characters with factual knowledge. Meanwhile, the “Kartu Pelangi” is made by considering the components and the composition patterns of groups of letters. The game “Kartu Pelangi” is played in stages, namely random shape, same-shape, and the shapeup. The text and the rainbow card are made in Indonesian language and they aim at raising children literacy through literacy interest, literacy games, and literacy stage.

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